Trip and Surf Journal: Sun 3.31 (day 19)

Sunday, pancakes, big beach, ding-a-rama, eggs (Easter!), injury.

I got your Easter thingy right here. (Galungun related ceremonial hanging all over Bali . . .)

photo 2.JPG

It’s “Easter” and nobody gives a crap cuz we are rolling Bali style and 1% are Christian.  They are in their own10 day Galungun religious holiday right now, randomly overlapping w/ Easter.  All good.  It was a Sunday, I brought some home tradition to the table as if we were in Truckee I’d be doing banana pancakes w/ kids while Mom sleeps in, then we’d go skiing or something . . . so the mod was in the pancake recipe and we went beach/surf fam morning / day mission instead!  The pancakes are rice/tapioca flour mix totally gluten free for Mom and I’m getting better at making them w/ a. no measuring cups b. no pans that naturally lay flat c. eggs sometimes yes/sometimes no d. wildly varying form factors of bananas and ripeness e. default dropping black rice from rice cooker in (love this!) f. figuring out right ratio of rice/tap flour . ..

Rando perma notes

1. As always check out the flickr sets and photosteams for more pics — they are linked in the blog menu :)

2. For the surf-y part stuff of these posts — the detailed context/intro is HERE — a series of posts on the surf gig and more.  Used to be one post, and of course turned into a giant post.  Now broken up by days :)  It will probably change again!

All good and charged up we hit Kuta beach for shopping / errands / kids swimming / both parents surfing — the place is insane but actually strangely convenient for “something for everyone” all good.  I decided to take pictures of all the dudes who want to sell us ice cream bars at 9am.  They go straight to the kids and sell them on ice cream.  Having just read Lustig Fat Chance I see these dudes like drug dealers, they might as well be trying to sell my kids cocaine.  Except its not their fault I get it . . . but what we’ve figured out is the ONLY way to get a polite “move one” for these touts is for the kids themselves to look them in the eye and say “no thank you!” (in english and/or indo, but trust me they know the english :).  This takes them aback, along w/ me taking a photo of them getting dissed by my kids.  Look, I know it is not their fault, they are just peddling product, I can relate yo.  And, they have no idea that their own region (SE Asia) is “poisoning” itself on cheap sugar and processed food, brutal.  They want to eat like “us”, yikes.  Sorry about that.  We took shots of 10 of these guys, just a sample here . . .

photo 2.JPG

photo 2.JPG

Surf was pretty heavy, actually.   Mom and Dad both got worked over a bit.  Two major developments:

a. first major ding in board (might have been because I “stored” board where it was not welcome — we were not in a reefy zone and the “ding” was a little too perfect IMO but whatevs . . . just sucks to think maybe someone dinged the board because they wanted me to pay “them” to have it fixed or pay “them” for a rental in the meantime or whatever . . . just hate the us vs. them kind of zone but there is no way for me to be in a tourist zone w/out $$$ being all that is seen . . . that being said I cut 5 deals a day w/ folks and 80% are what I think are “fair” but it is not relaxing so to speak — and whack because it is not about the $5 I might be getting jammed on it is about humanity and fairness and what not but to be clear I roll on my toes it is what it is and there is a reason folks pay huge $$$ for their fam in developing spots so they can “relax” just hard for this grinder / never a mark / etc. to go that route!!  Anyway, Arif is rad . . . thanks man

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b. first “surf injury” for me — didn’t realize until later in the eve that I did something to a rib zone on right side under the pec — not a “usage/soreness” thing which i’ve had since day one but tweaked a muscle or cartlidge or whatever lives between the ribs . . . more to come in next posts on how this one plays out

So the cool thing was working w/ local beach cats on the ding — I wanted to hit an afternoon session and renting boards is actually relatively expensive (like $5 min) but found some dudes who where like “use wax” — DUH.  Loved doing the temp wax repair on the ding to make it watertight (the danger is you get your foam all waterlogged that is why a ding that penetrates your fiberglass to the foam is not okay).  The parallels of surfing w/ cycling/skiing/climbing/mountaineering continue . . . #fieldrepair.  Worked well enough for me to got out and whack my rib :)

On the way home I dropped the board w/ Arif at one of the local shops across from the groc store, it was about 4pm.  He was like “come back at 7 done” . . . we only haggled a little but it was $3 for the repair.  Love this guy, he and Olaf are down, small world.  Of course. He just wanted to know what I paid for the board from Olaf of course.  Business all good we had a chat about what is fair / etc. but all good.  Dropping my skis or bike at a shop  = starting price of prolly $50 so in the end I’m laughing but also its all relative, respect is what is valued in the end across the board.  Respect and fairness, that is a daily  mission.  I have to convince everyone that I respect them, I am not trying to “buy” them, I can’t be “bought”, I want what is fair nothing more or nothing less, I am not trying to grind them, I won’t be ground, etc.  Put language and culture and what not in the mix and I’m more convinced that ever that world travel on a budget is probably the #1 business and life lesson that one can engage in.

We were home in time for a villa bayu easter egg hunt for the kids which they loved.  Pancakes, easter egg hunts, bunnies, christ is risen, galungun, dings and ding repairs w/ Arif, ice cream touts, old man rib injuries, etc. . . another day in this life