Journal: Fri Jul 26. Home but still trippin’

Twilight Zone.  Planet Luxury.  

Are we really home or still in Asia . . . 36 hours apart


FW: Last day Kuta shot

We are officially “Home” but still trippin, between worlds, and so much of our reality/context is Odyssey not “home”.  We are here physically, but it is not the same as when we left, the full impact of things is settling in.

The day is a fog still of jet lag and culture shock and decompression and re-assimilation or something.  We have so much stuff.  We have so much space. We have so much “comfort” We are so secure. We are rich and live in paradise.  Planet Luxe.  I want less stuff.  I want simplicity.  My toyota feels like a Bentley.  My 3 bdr house feels like a palace.  High speed internet and business / professional life and all of what is next is jacking in.

I want to stay grounded.  My friends and family bring me to tears with each hug and smile.  We are so blessed.

Catching up with friends and family live and on the interwebs and things have changed but haven’t changed.  We’ve changed, but haven’t changed.  It is all still soaking in . . . we are on cloud 9 all around.

We live in luxe paradise.  What we take for granted daily is amazing.  How long until I take it for granted again. How long until I’m disgusted and bored at the same old/same old blase relative to daily adventure and discovery as a fam.  This is the challenge, make it balanced and right and present and real — don’t forget what we’ve learned across the board, build on it, keep it in perspective — above all tend to and keep weaving the fabric and take nothing for granted.